My Falun Dafa Experience Sharing

By Lee

April 2002

Hello, my name is Lee. I began Falun Dafa practice in October of 2000. It was obvious from the beginning that Falun Dafa is what I was searching for over many years. 

After high school, I yearned for wisdom and true happiness. I felt there must be something more to life than what I had thus far experienced. Many events and experiences in my life then led up to my obtaining the Fa. During college I practiced meditation. Later I studied Eastern religions and philosophies, self-improvement techniques, and yoga. These disciplines were difficult to stick with, and it still seemed like pieces were missing. As time passed, and life’s responsibilities increased, my dedication and experimentation into paths of enlightenment waned. In October of 2000, I read an interesting newspaper article about a local Falun Gong practice group. It occurred to me that I should look into Falun Gong more carefully. The Falun Dafa web site led me to the books and exercises, and renewed my interest in pursuing enlightenment. That article marked the beginning of my Falun Dafa cultivation.

Everything I learned about Falun Dafa felt “right” from the very beginning, like no other cultivation method I had tried. I read the book Falun Gong and learned the exercises from the website videos. The first time I did the first two exercises I was amazed at the tranquil state I experienced, especially considering how easy the movements were. This was a crucial point for me because it provided the noticeable results I searched for. As I learned the remaining exercises and increased my practice times I felt changes in my body, and my interest grew. After reading Zhuan Falun and listening to the 9-day lectures I was convinced that I had found a priceless treasure. Finally, a practice with no missing pieces, and everything explained clearly in the books and lectures! As I learned about predestined relationships it became clear that the events of my earlier life were simply stepping-stones to my obtaining the Fa.

I had always been very healthy with no illness other than an occasional cold. While reading Zhuan Falun I had a short cleansing reaction one day. Although minor, I knew it was my body being purified. A short while later I noticed a persistent pain in my side that puzzled me. It was quite painful at times and made it difficult to sleep unless my body was positioned a certain way. The people to whom I mentioned this seemed concerned and advised me to visit the doctor. But I recalled Master’s words in Zhuan Falun, “Some people will have reaction in parts of the body. They will feel unwell this way or that way and bear all kinds of sufferings. All this is normal” (Zhuan Falun, Lecture 2, pg 89). I was certain that this pain was my body being purified by Master removing the illness-causing karma. After about one week, the pain completely disappeared. Since then I’ve had no illness at all. This experience helped me gain the understanding that Master’s words and principles are indeed Truth, and should be taken seriously.

At work and at home I recognize xinxing tests and strive to pass them. I feel more energetic and alive after passing each test. Teacher states in Zhuan Falun “from now on when you come across a conflict you should not consider it a coincidence. This is because when a conflict occurs, it will take place unexpectedly. But that is not a coincidence-it is for improving your xinxing.” (Zhuan Falun, Lecture 4, pg 153) Reminding myself that conflicts are tests and not random occurrences helps me pass the tests. When I encounter a test I calm my mind, acknowledge that the situation is a test, and remind myself that I’m a practitioner. This helps me pass the test successfully.

After practicing at home for well over a year I felt a strong desire to finally attend a local group practice. Shyness and procrastination had kept me at home. I was practicing diligently, but continually putting off attending group practice. One day, after a challenging xinxing test, I enlightened to the fact that my cultivation would benefit greatly by attending group practice, and felt that I would just go. The following weekend I attended a practice session, and have been going ever since. Practice and study with others has helped increase my understanding of the Fa and provided an opportunity to clarify the truth to others. This has helped my cultivation greatly.

As I became involved in local activities, several opportunities emerged that allowed me to use my technical skills to help Fa rectification. For example, a new regional website was needed. I was able to help spread the Fa by creating the new web site. I was also given the opportunity to help new practitioners learn, and help clarify the Truth by creating Dafa music CDs and Falun Dafa resource CD-Rom discs. The new discs were very popular at the recent Earth Day celebration. Earth Day was my first time handing out flyers and CDs. During this event I was surprised by the willingness of people to accept flyers. Many people asked questions and expressed sincere interest in Falun Dafa. This was truly heart warming. The power of Dafa and the weakening of the evil were evident as I discussed the persecution with many visitors.

When opportunities arise I try to introduce Falun Dafa to people I meet at work and at home. This is challenging, as many Americans have not heard of Falun Gong. The pictures I’ve posted in my office work area have provided opportunities to discuss the practice, and answer questions about Falun Dafa. When asked about the practice I describe the principles, the exercises, and how Falun Dafa has benefited me. This too has helped my cultivation in a positive way.

As I read what I’ve written here I notice the word “I” so many times. But “I” am but a Dafa particle in the cosmos. To dwell on my life experiences seems most trivial. But I hope it can help others in their search for truth. The focus on living within the Fa, putting others first, looking inward when analyzing a tribulation, and living Zhen-Shan-Ren has helped me change my life, and begin to align it with the truth of the universe, for which I am eternally grateful.

Thank you.