Insisting One’s Own Opinion vs. the Issue of the Celestial Eye

By Allison

In our busy activities for Fa Rectification, Dafa disciples often have different opinions, and many resulted conflicts. It is just like what Teacher said in “Fa-Lecture at the Conference in Florida, U.S.A.”, “Dafa disciples often have some arguments with each other over things related to spreading the Fa (hong-fa) and rectifying the Fa. I think this is normal. But if you argue endlessly, refusing to give ground, then there’s a problem. Why is that? It’s guaranteed that you haven’t examined yourself. Having arguments is normal, but arguing endlessly and refusing to give ground, and thereby affecting Dafa work, is not normal. If you don’t believe it, think about it and take a look.”

In fact, many arguments among us is just circling on the details. Our main direction of spreading the Fa and rectifying the Fa is the same. It’s only a matter of taking this suggestion or that thought. In general case, as long as the approach is not deviated from the Fa, each approach is good. Each has its uniqueness, and yet usually none could cover all aspects. This situation is very similar to the issue of the celestial eye. Zhuan Falun second chapter “The Issue of the Celestial Eye” says, “Many qigong masters have already spoken of the Celestial Eye. The Fa, however, has different manifestations at different levels. A practitioner whose cultivation has reached a particular level can only see manifestations at that level. He is unable to see the truth beyond that level, and neither will he believe it. Therefore, he only regards what he sees at his level as correct. Before his cultivation reaches a higher level, he thinks that those things do not exist and are not believable; this is determined by his level, and his mind is unable to elevate. In other words, on the issue of the Celestial Eye, some people talk about it one way while others talk about it another way. As a result, they have confused it, and in the end nobody can explain it clearly. ”

At different levels practitioners have different understandings of the Fa, and therefore have different ways of dealing with things. This is very similar to “some people can read with the ears, and some can see with the hands or from the back of the head… It is all possible. (Zhuan Falun)” However, if we are attached to what we understand or what we want to accomplish in a specific way, and putting our own opinion as the main one, and pushing off others thoughts or understanding from other angles and other levels, then we can not show the capacity needed for an enlightened being, and also can not see things from a higher level. Teacher said in “Lecture in Eastern U.S.” (the English version of the book is not available), you always think of things from one angle and thus dig into the bull horn. Why do we say the wisdom of a Buddha is huge? His thinking is not the same as yours, his capacity is huge, he doesn’t think of things from only one aspect. (end of Teacher’s words). If we have a bigger capacity, we will be more willing to accept the way other people see things.

On another note, if we look at the relationship between an individual and the group, we will see that the disciples who work on a project is one body. Every practitioner is just like an eye, and can see different dimensions. “When one has reached an extremely high level beyond the cultivation of the In-Triple-World-Law, he will develop an eye like a compound eye which is so large that it covers the upper part of his face with countless small eyes in it. Some great enlightened beings in a very high dimension have developed so many eyes that they cover the whole face. All the eyes can see through the large eye, and they can see whatever they want to and they are able to see all the dimensions at a single glance. (Zhuan Falun)” If every practitioner learns to accept the thoughts of different levels and different angles, then from the group stand point of view, it’s just like a very high level enlightened being, who can break through many different dimensions, and see the truth of universe at many different levels. This kind of improvement of the whole group will allow us to do better with the immense wisdom from the Fa.

This is ‘one eye’s understanding, and hope to hear ‘other eyes’ sharing and correction.