The Most Respectable Master, My Fellow Practitioners

My name is Heather Meng. I am located in Spokane Washington, and have cultivated in Dafa since 1996. At first I was not cultivating diligently. I thought as long as I have accepted Zhen, Shan, Ren as the Universal Characteristics, I could take my time. But our Master is so compassionate with me. He patiently pointed out my attachments using everyone I met and everything I did. My diabetes, arthritis, cervical vertebra disease and sciatic nerve problems were all disappeared. I have not taken one pill of medicine or one day off from my fulltime job since 1996 because of sickness. My whole family is healthy because I cultivate Dafa. 

I saw Master in February 1999 during LA Conference. His grace and 100% benevolence shook me. Then I started to take this practice seriously. I made myself available as volunteer on the web. Looking back, my early life (actually all my lives) is prepared for Dafa. The Childhood hardship prepared me for suffering physically and mentally in cultivation. My interests in English since middle school prepared me to Hongfa in Spokane.
Speaking of Hongfa, I remembered in early year 2000, I would ask for help from Pullman when only three people e-mailed or called me and expressed the interests to learn, because I was too nervous to handle. When I saw a big event going on in the park of our group practice site, instead of staying to pass out flyers, I drove home. I let many opportunities of spreading Falun Dafa slip through. Later I would feel terrible regret that I lack compassion! Although countless people have come to learn the practice, only a handful stayed more than one month. So most of the time I am alone on our group practice sites. Being alone in the group practice site requires more self-discipline. Master’s Fashen is always watching over me. acts as my study group. Reading Dafa gave me righteous thought and benevolent strength. Thanks for many fellow practitioners’ support, I gradually grew confident to handle almost any event. I enlightened that Master placed me in Spokane. As a Dafa particle, to introduce Dafa locally, keep going to our local Dafa practice sites, use every possible event to let Spokane folks see the goodness of Falun Dafa is our honor duty. We participated in many parades, health fairs/expos, gave seminars/presentations in Universities/City Council Meetings, and hosted workshops in all county library branches. Many people recognized Dafa because they saw me in the parks or in the Newspapers. Now when I stand by the busy crowd of people, handing out flyers with a smile from the bottom of my heart, people said to their friends, “That’s it! Grab that one!”

“Clarify the truth thoroughly, eliminate the evil with righteous thoughts, save all beings, and safeguard the Fa with determination” are Master’s words in Dafa is Indestructible. Master taught us to send forth righteous thought on May 19th last year. I was glad to do it, but I did not feel much or see visions, and did not fully understand what it means. On June 2nd evening, I had a worst stomach discomfort plus diarrhea. I said to myself, “these are all your karmic debt, pay for it now! Master probably is drinking poison for you.” After 15 minutes of struggling, I almost passed out. Finally, Master’s words came to me. “But as to our Dafa, let me tell you that nobody is worthy of testing It. Because all beings-and this includes every being in the cosmos-are created, made, and shaped by It, no one is worthy of testing It.” (Guiding the Voyage, Teaching the Fa at the Western U.S. Fa Conference) “You know, when this evil sees that it’s going to be eliminated it runs totally rampant. It is bad, it is venomous, and it is evil. And just like poison, if you want it not to poison people it can’t do that-that’s just how it is. So in the process of eliminating it don’t be lenient at all-just clean it out! Here I’m not referring to human beings, but to those evil beings that manipulate humans. Actually, my disciples all have abilities, and this includes students in China and other countries, as well as some new students. They all actually have abilities.” (Guiding the Voyage, Teaching the Fa at the 2001 Canada Fa Conference) So I put my right hand up in front of my chest, recited Master’s formulas. The pains stopped quickly, and I recovered instantly from pale, shaking. This experience proved that even without seeing or feeling, Master unlocks our supernormal capability to eliminate evils.

I have lots of “garbage” that needs to be cleaned in my system. In the early mornings and during the day, I feel fine when SFRT. But in the evenings, when I was physically tired, I had to endure pains deep down to my bones, and uneasiness around my heart. Once I had to SFRT three times in a row to enable me read Zhuan Falun calmly. Otherwise not only my heart was uneasy, my arms and hands were in pain as well. I know now it is because I did not read enough, so the particles in my system have not 100% assimilated with the Fa. If not read enough, I would not have enough compassion/wisdom to clarify the truth.

Clarifying the truth is such an urgent/sacred task for us. I used to think Spokane is far from Embassy/Consulate, not many Chinese in the area. As long as I deliver the Epoch Times papers, do my translation jobs, I would be fine. One week, my legs were getting harder and harder, I knew Master was giving me hint. Looking inside, any thing I did not do good enough? So I started calling China. Even with 90% connection failure, that 10% is worth the effort. I actually talked to some predestined people. They were listening my “broadcasting” carefully. I can feel the bonding through the phone line, my talking started to carry their accent. A lady expressed the will to learn Dafa when 5000 Dafa practitioners were arrested around her. A Ph. D. from Hong Kong who read Zhuan Falun but did not obtain the Fa also wrote me a sincere e-mail. “…People do not realize how many mercy has saved…”(The Cleansing)
I made myself follow this rule that one of our fellow practitioners summarized, do four things every day before going to bed, read, exercise, SFRT, clarify the truth.

At last I want to mention the conflicts between Dafa practitioners. Because my show-off mentalities and bossy tones, some of my fellow practitioners in the Inland NW were very disappointed with me. I am truly sorry! Thanks everyone who pointed out my attachments, and hope you can forgive me. Please allow me to quote Master’s words in Lecture at the Conference in Europe, “I know your feelings toward the Fa-when you think that someone is harming the Fa, you simply can’t tolerate it. Because you are cultivating, you’ve already become defenders of Dafa. You are cultivating in Dafa, so you’re also a part of Dafa. Nonetheless, it’s certainly not the case that we’re free of conflicts. During the course of cultivation, it’s certainly not the case that disciples are always in harmony with one another. Why is this? It’s because those attachments that you haven’t yet eliminated through cultivation-those ordinary human attachments that come across intensely will come out in your actions, whereas the part of your heart that’s already cultivated isn’t seen. Since the attachments are no longer there, they can’t be shown. It’s exactly the part of your heart that’s not yet cultivated that comes across. Does this mean this person isn’t good? Absolutely not. On the contrary, we have to say that this person is quite good-only his not-yet-cultivated heart is exposed. What’s the purpose of exposing it? It’s for others to point it out to him, or for another person who has a similar attachment in this regard to have a clash with him; the purpose is for each of them to let go of their own attachments.

Whenever you encounter problems, you should each look inward to search for the cause within yourself, regardless of whether you’re accountable for the matter or not. Remember my words: Regardless of whether the matter is your fault or not, you should look within yourself, and you will find a problem. If the matter has absolutely nothing to do with you or doesn’t involve any of the attachments you should break, then this incident would rarely happen to you. If you didn’t have an attachment, the problem wouldn’t have been brought about. I have to be responsible for your cultivation. Any problem that happens to you, around you, or among you is most likely related to you, and there’s something for you to get rid of. Regardless of whether it’s your fault or not, when my Law Bodies are having you remove your attachment, they don’t care whether it’s your fault or another person’s. As long as you have an attachment, they will try everything to have you run into problems and have you recognize the attachment that makes you fall short.”
I studied Master’s New lectures, and enlightened that the part that we have not assimilated with the Fa, will easily follow the old evil force’s arrangement. Or in other words, they are part of the old evil force. Because of my lack of Compassion, the old evil force will use me to talk to our fellow practitioners in a demanding tone. Sometimes I learned a fellow practitioner’s new enlightened experience, and would love to share it with our NW fellows because they have to wait many days for the formal translation. My old self always thinks things are very simple, why bother to write a big article, I can summarize any thing into several points. Although these points might not be wrong or in fact be very important, but because my way of communication is not acceptable by most of our fellows, so in reality, I undermined the whole process. The more Urgent the matter, the more haste in my tone, the slower people will get my point, or totally bounce them into the trashcan. Master keeps telling us use commonly acceptable ways to clarify the truth. In order for us to obtain Dafa easily, he taught the Fa with the combination of modern science. If I truly want to help my fellows, I should carefully consider with benevolence how to present the points in a more acceptable way.

I enlightened that only through studying the Fa, can my surface part assimilate with the Fa, It is a battle between being saved or eliminated within my system. The part that is still left over from turning to God, will be either assimilated with Zhen, Shan, Ren through reading, or be eliminated through SFRT. Every day when the old evil force surfaces through my human part. I have to say to myself, “Get up and read! All those beings inside your system are waiting to be saved. Master made the sentences about reading the books appear “bold” to hint me that I need to read more. I treasure our group readings whenever we have opportunities.

I would like to share a recent discovery as my ending. While I was distributing Epoch Times newspapers, Master led me to an asian food distributor. They put our newspaper in their shipments all over the places, as far as Boise, Idaho, which is a blank spot of Dafa group practice. In case you have not try this yet. Those asian food distributors are waiting for us to knock on their doors.

Thank you!