To Tell the Truth to Common People and to Enhance our Morality

By Xiaoying

I highly enthusiastically propagated Falun Dafa to my friends in China when I just found it in 1998. At that time, I was hoping that they could know the miraculous and holy Dafa, and started to learn it. However, things went contrary to my wish. I couldn’t successfully introduce Dafa to many people. Only my niece and one of my girl friends started to read “Zhuan Falun” and practice meditation. When Falun Gong was forbidden in China on July 20, 1999, my niece was not brave enough to continue her practice. Also, my girl friend discontinued her practice after a police open and took away the letters I sent her. She lost her job later.

I stopped calling and writing all my friends because of what happened there. The only reason motivated me to get in touch with them was propagating Dafa. They worried they might get into trouble because of it. I was also afraid they refused to discuss Dafa with me, or I did get them into trouble. Therefore, I simply cut our connection off.

After learning more Dafa and Master Li’s lesson, I realized the importance of telling the truth toward those people in China. Master Li has said, in his recent book, Lecture in North America, that “we are rescuing more and larger celestial bodies and the life of those celestial bodies,” and “student of Dafa always faces a big challenge. In the past, the so-called ‘reliving all living creatures’ meant helping all common and ordinary people. That is not good enough for my student to do. My student is to do a more important task.”

I had so many friends and relatives in china. Most of them didn’t have the right knowledge about Dafa because Chinese government lodged false accusation against Da fa. As a student of Dafa, I should shoulder my responsibility to tell them the truth. If I didn’t do so, I was not good enough to be a pupil of Dafa. Therefore, I began to keep in touch with them again. I got several other friends’ phone numbers from one of my girl friends, working at Beijing astronomer observatory, and called them one by one when I had time.

I told my girl friend that I turned out to be very healthy and strong and looked younger after I practiced Falun Gong. I also sent my latest photo to her, which made her believe what I had said. However, I could sense that she still had some negative thought about Dafa during our conversation on the phone. I was impatient to explain everything when she said things that I didn’t want to hear. After hanging up the phone, I couldn’t calm myself down. I even doubted whether I should call her again. However, I soon realized that I myself was too inflexible, and I didn’t enough mercy. We are rescuing them when we tell common people the truth. How will people accept us if we don’t have right attitude? If people can’t accept what we say, we don’t achieve the goal of rescuing them. And, also, convincing people is not a one-time deal. Therefore, I decided to continuously call her up.

In the next two and three conversations, I patiently told her many true stories and truth that she didn’t know before. She gradually accepted my words because of my placid tone, plus, we were old friends and she knew I was an honest person-I didn’t lie. When I told her that “self-immolation incident” was directed by Chinese government, she asked me for evidence. Then, I sent her a DVD. She didn’t receive it the first time because sent it with New Year greeting card. Therefore, I sent it as a parcel and she did receive it. She was anxiously to watch it. I thought that she would change her view toward Da Fa after she watched the DVD. Then she was rescued.

I sent a DVD to another girl friend. She had a totally different reaction. She wrote me an email and said that I didn’t send her pictures of my son and me. I sent her Falun Gong’s propaganda instead. She considered she was not an idiot, and she knew what good and bad were. She had her right to refuse Dafa.

When I read her email, I wouldn’t deal with her any more if I was who I used to be. But Master Lee’s teaching taught me that if most people in this universe are coming here to learn Dafa from higher level, think about it, that means they are not simple human beings. A Zulai Buddha represents a huge group of life. Not only Zulai comes, lots of kings and masters of celestial bodies also come here. All of them are quite capable. They also represent massive celestial bodies. However, they all get lost here when they get into this human society. Some of them even join the action to persecute Dafa. If they are destroyed, think about it, that means not only themselves are destroyed but those celestial bodies are also gone with them.” Although she didn’t join the persecution against Dafa, she was in great danger because she had negative thought of Dafa.

Master Li said, “Student of Dafa, living in the period of propaganda, is existing with Dafa. Dafa gives him/her a great responsibility and mission.” In order to match in the title of “student of Dafa living in the period propaganda,” I had to take the responsibility of rescuing all of living creatures. And, I should correct her negative thinking of Dafa first. I had to patiently explain everything to them no matter how rude they were. I could reply her email with a placid and friendly tone whenever I kept Master Li’s teaching, “compassion can resolve every single problem”, in mind. I told her that was not propaganda. The truth was that what Chinese government said was propaganda.

She said I was wrong in her email. She also said there was few Falun Gong discussion in media nowadays. She almost forgot Falun Gong if I didn’t send her a bunch of “junk”. She said she destroyed the DVD I sent her. I really felt bad for her when I knew her reaction. She did lose the opportunity of knowing the truth. Then, I thought she might be a goddess from higher level, representing lots of living creatures. The only problem was that she got lost in this human society, being deceived by rumors. I was more responsible to tell her the truth. Therefore, I just reminded her, using placid tone, that Chinese government had killed lots of practitioners and had put lots of innocent people behind bar since July 20, 1999, and they were still killing more people….”

She didn’t reply and curse me as soon as she got my email this time. I thought that the truth might compel her to consider the matter for a while. I hoped she could really see the truth.

I also mailed my other friends different information and letters by each individual case and situation. I wanted more people to know the truth gradually. Comparing to other practitioners, what I has done is too little. I will do my best from now on.

Tang Xiao-ying