Experiences and Enlightenment While Spreading Dafa During the Past Two Years—May 13, 2002

By Matt

Greetings, Master!
Greeting, my fellow practitioners!

My name is Matt Wang. I obtained Dafa in 1996. At this 10th anniversary of Master’s spreading Falun Dafa, I would like to share some of my experiences to further upgrade my cultivation. The first 3-4 years of my cultivation in Dafa was like a Chinese farmer, sweating under the baking sun, enduring many physical hardships, and having many falls. It is due to our benevolent Master’s kind reminders that I enlightened first how to be a Dafa cultivator, and second how to fulfill my mission for Dafa. There were many turning points on my cultivation path. I was able to start over again and again with guidance from Dafa.

Dafa disciples are one body. We are like Master’s Gong, with some doing this and some doing that. Each of us has our own mission to fulfill. We probably signed contracts with Master before we came down here to do different jobs for Dafa. Life after life, Master prepared us to be able to help him with Fa-rectification. I am a person who is not very wordy, but I am very hands-on and hard-working. Since the beginning of my cultivation, I have always been eager to share this wonderful practice with as many people as possible. I want to establish group practice sites, so Master’s Fashen can bring predestined people to obtain the Fa. Below is the summary of Hongfa activities during the past two years:

Columbia Club, Greenwood Senior Center, Horizon House, YMCA, Queen Community Center, Japanese Buddhism Temple, Puyallup, etc. Within the above sites, there have been around 420 people who learned Falun Gong, about 30% among them read the Book, and/or viewed the 9-day Lecture videotapes. Besides working at these sites, I went to three jails and one drug rehabilitation center since February 2002. There were another 485 people who learned the exercises; three among them finished reading Falun Gong and Zhuan Falun. So there are more than 800 people in Seattle who formed predestined relationship with Dafa through the Hongfa activities that I have been helping Master do.

Master arranged perfectly all the incidents and tribulations that helped get rid of my attachments through these Hongfa activities. I used to have an attachment of competitiveness. Master arranged a Catholic, who is a Chaplin in prisons, to come over to learn Falun Gong. After 6 months of discussion he asked me to spread Dafa in the prisons. Another, a western acupuncturist who practices in a drug rehabilitation center, suggested I spread Dafa there after he learned these wonderful exercises. Seeing that Master arranged all these connections smoothly, which seems impossible to do with all my personal abilities, I am so moved by the power of Dafa. I am so lucky to be here to help Master with his marvelous arrangements. My attachment of competitiveness disappeared totally upon enlightening to all of these.

With so many practice sites requiring my care, I am running in all directions all the time. It is a very big commitment. Sometimes, the attachment of laziness wants to drag me down. But I remember my responsibilities. We Dafa disciples are just like the Sun, if we stop shining, all life in our system will die. To our sentient beings, we are responsible! Lots of people who came to learn Dafa had their pains cured by doing Dafa exercise, which laid a foundation in their future cultivation. My entire effort is worthy! One time Master brought a family of six people—parents with their four children, to learn Dafa. Their eagerness to learn this great way encouraged me a great deal.

Many of those prisoners, due to their karma, were experiencing pains, such as rib/chest pains, shoulder pains, pain around the wounds, etc. These pains were all cured through Dafa exercise. One prisoner’s back had no sensitivity. He did Dafa exercise only three times, and started to regain feelings in his back. Some of the prisoners saw lights and scenes in other dimensions. One new learner had osteophytosis on his hand, his skin on his hand was calcified, his middle finger was crooked, and there was a piece of bone sticking out from the center of his palm. The doctor told him to have surgery. But after practicing Dafa exercises only twice, his hand recovered, and he saw rainbow-colored lights. He could not help but tell everyone the miracles of Dafa. I enlightened that his overjoyed testimony helped the further spreading of Dafa, yet another example of the compassion of Master’s arrangement.

Doing Hongfa in the prison is different than doing it in society. Because prisoners are deeply diluted, and carry different intentions, their behavior represents the worst of our society even when they come to learn Dafa. For instance, when I gave a brief introduction of Falun Dafa, some of the prisoners argued, and were not serious at all. Some of them were looking in all directions, laughing. These prisons are very complicated, but are good xinxing cultivation environments. Of course, there are predestined people who are ready to learn.

On March 31st, I went to the RJC jail in Kent to spread the Fa. There were 8 new learners. Four of them would move a little, then stop a few minutes, sit down, or even lay down, laughing and talking. The fifth one was a lady who sat down and said her belly ached. When I told them of the Dafa miracles in other prisons, she came back again, and said her bellyache stopped. The sixth one was also a lady, who sat down during the fourth exercise and said the movement made her back hurt. I was very peaceful and calm, I had no attachments, and I did not criticize their lack of persistence, but finished the five exercises patiently even though only two of the eight did the whole thing.

I thought about our benevolent Master, who when considering a wise person, average person, or foolish person would save them all with grand mercy. He never yells or blames, only endures for sentient beings. Now I am facing these prisoners, who live with the filthiest things in this filthy world. I should be compassionate towards them without any ordinary people’s sentimentalities; I should be calm all the time with my heart unmoved by any distractions. After reading Master’s poem “Achieving Consummation and Completing GongLook at the world with compassion, only then awaken from illusions.” I enlightened that by helping these lost souls with unconditional compassion, I awaken from illusions myself.

I used to fear that others might think I have a show off mentality, so I never mentioned exactly how many people I helped to learn Dafa in the northern Seattle area, or I reduced the number a bit. Now I can calmly speak about my experience because I realize that all I did was help Master with his powerful mighty virtue. I realize this as another layer of meaning in “Cultivation depends on one’s own efforts, while the transformation of gong is done by one’s master.”