Zhang Cui Ying Displays Chinese Brushstroke Art in Spokane, Washington

On Thursday and Friday, August 29-30, 2002 the Spokane Civic Theatre hosted Zhang Cuiying and her painting exhibit for many visitors. Local newspaper, The Spokesman-Review, and radio station KPBX announced this special event. The exhibit opened with a press conference, and was followed by brushstroke painting and calligraphy demonstrations. Local presenters expressed their views about the painter, the paintings, and the Falun Dafa persecution in China.

Speakers included Mr. Jack Phillips, director of the Spokane Civic Theatre, Kurt Madison, local artist and creative director, Mr. Raymond Reyes, Associate Vice President of Diversity at Gonzaga University, graduate student/practitioner David Lee Jerke, and Ms. Zhang Cuiying, the Artist. Ms. Zhang described her background, art education, and painting styles. She then discussed her arrest and 8 month detainment in China that followed her appeal for Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance.

Ms. Zhang’s painting demonstration enthralled visitors. She showed the traditional Chinese painting styles, and created calligraphy samples for the visitors. Painting almost non-stop during the show, Ms. Zhang took time out to meet visitors and sign booklets. Several visitors returned to the exhibit the second day to have a closer look! Many asked about Falun Dafa and the current situation in China. Local practitioners helped out, and clarified the truth to many visitors.