Pullman, WA Lentil Parade and Festival 2004

By Kevin

Hi all, Last Saturday’s (2004) Lentil Festival parade in Pullman was a great success. Although we were one of smaller groups (12 people), we were awarded the Best Theme trophy during the parade. Pullman people were nice, and we earned rounds of applause. We shall write an acknowledgement letter to organizers. Also, we met a few Inland region practitioners. I could not be more satisfied with our efforts. I look forward to defending the Best Theme award with our fellow practitioners next year.

We definitely need waist-drum and Tang dynasty dancing team next time. I shall start learning waist-drum soon. Is someone going to write a report to Minghui or Clearwisdom? CF Ye took few pictures before the parade, but we did not take any during the parade because we were short-handed.