Saving Sentient Beings in New York

By Katherine and Laurie


We attended many activities while in NY, such as sending forth righteous thoughts at the Chinese consulate, handing out flyers on Wall Street, attending VIP events, and doing the exercises on 8th Ave. near Times Square. We talked to lots of people, handing out hundreds of flyers, and for the most part had very positive responses. Many people had heard of Falun Dafa or already had a flyer. Others were very interested and would approach us wondering what Falun Dafa was all about. We were often told by those who knew about Falun Dafa that they were glad we were there. We participated in a torture exhibition near Central Park and handed out flyers in the park. The NRC [National Republican Convention] was going on and we talked with many delegates from the convention while they waited in line to get into a Broadway show.

One of the most effective responses we received was doing the exercises on the street leading to the convention. Here the street had a steady flow of traffic yet gave people time to talk to us if they had questions. There were five of us in our group, one to pass out flyers, and the others to do the exercises and send forth righteous thoughts (SFRT). The combination of flyers, exercises and SFRT set the energy righteously for all to spread the Fa.

Our hotel was in Flushing, which was a 30 minute subway ride into Manhattan. This was a perfect place for us because it allowed us to spread the Fa in a different part of New York which was primarily an Asian community. The ride on the subway was a built-in Fa study time. The yellow T-shirts were noticed by many and acted as beacons, opening up doors for conversation about Falun Dafa. Surprisingly, many people gave us the thumbs up or would ask about Falun Dafa.

During the convention an experience sharing time was set aside at 7:00 p.m. every night. Practitioners would share the experiences from the day and get the next day’s assignments. This was very helpful for those of us who had come from small places.

It was suggested that we get Dafa information to our state delegates before the convention. We made the information attractive and attached a flower to each little packet, then put them in an attractive container for our delegates. We dressed nicely and were able to get through security and go upstairs to the information booth where our delegates were staying. They were very nice and helpful and said they would get the information to them.

Some interference encountered while in NY was being muddleheaded, loss of direction, getting off at wrong subway stops, being detained because of a bus accident, not everyone being able to get off at the right stops, etc. We did our best to have righteous thoughts, and we paid special attention to not saying anything negative about anyone else. There were some tests between practitioners, but we did not allow tribulations to affect us. We just kept on going and did not give the old forces any gaps to exploit. We realized very clearly there is never any reason to be upset with other practitioners or anyone else for that matter. We allow things to unfold naturally in this environment. Sometimes Master would guide us to a place which seemed like the wrong place, or we might be late for something only to find that we would have some other thing happen that was really positive, like running into the Governor of our state.

There were police on every corner and all over the subway system. They were very helpful and were always pleasant and happy to see us. Many comments were made from them that they never had to worry about us breaking the law, and we were always peaceful.

Some tips for fellow practitioners traveling to NY:

There are subway passes that can be purchased for the day, week, and month. The pass for all subway and buses was $21 for 7 days. The subways are now safe to travel even in the night until about 10:00 p.m.

If many people share a cab from the Airport to Manhattan or wherever that is usually the best choice.

We were asked to attend different VIP events where dress clothes were needed. Take a set of dress clothes and a casual outfit for VIP work. We left in the morning with our VIP clothes in backpacks and would change in the bus or train station, and then change back into yellow T-shirts after the event. Because it was hot and humid, cleaning up was a must and we used public restrooms in the stations.

Go to NY if you can.

September 1, 2004