Fa Study through Memorizing

By Laurie

In the midst of the holiday season, I was tested again and again with deeply ingrained family notions. I handled myself well overall in the thick of family stress and I attribute this to my memorizing Zhuan Falun.

About two months ago I became aware that I could memorize the Fa. Fellow practitioners had been sharing their experiences on our website about memorizing the Fa, and I realized I had never really considered it because it seemed like an impossible task.

I have tried putting into words what happens when I memorize Zhuan Falun but my words cannot express the miraculous experience that occurs.

The mechanics of how to study the Fa seem to be as diverse as practitioners. I had reached some kind of plateau with Fa study. My mind would wander when I was reading and I was not focusing well. Since memorizing the Fa my mind does not have the opportunity to wander and each and every sentence and paragraph is a break through in an understanding of some kind. I literally feel different as each sentence becomes familiar. After I have memorized a sentence it may slip away only to become a stranger again making me pay more attention to its meaning. So I memorize the sentence again. There are even times when I recite the same sentence or paragraph over and over. I don’t give up until I can recite the paragraph 5 times, and then I move on. I memorize and recite out loud, sometimes in a whisper if I am where it will affect others. When I have memorized all the paragraphs in a section, I recite the entire section. That way I am grasping the concepts of not only the paragraphs, but the sections as a whole. I am diligent but accepting and approving of my progress.

I have great difficulty in memorizing certain paragraphs and this surprised me, because the content of those paragraphs I have trouble with seemed to be material I understood well. I did not realize until I started memorizing, “Qigong is Prehistoric Culture” that I still had attachments to Darwin’s theory of evolution. I spent a long time just getting 2 paragraphs to memory. It was as if the information would bounce off my mind. I have always thought that I was very open to history as explained in Zhuan Falun. I have been reading about prehistoric culture since college. I have read about a lot of non traditional things over the years, but I guess Mr. Darwin’s theory stuck. I would not have known about this gap without memorizing Zhuan Falun.

A type of cleansing happens while I memorize the Fa. If I begin my Fa study with some tightness in my body or anxiety, this melts away during my study time.

I also find that certain sentences will remain with me throughout the day. When my thought Karma is trying to take hold, I have access to the Fa that Master has given to his disciples. I am able to replace my negative thinking with Fa. Before I started memorizing the Fa I tried this, but found little success when certain thoughts came into my mind.

Specific questions from Zhuan Falun guide me to where I am lacking. Recently the question that jumped out of the page was “Isn’t it an attachment to pursuit if you think too much about it?” My mind just loves to mill things over and over. So to find attachments Master’s words gently guide me. I do think too much about certain things. In fact, I really like to think about certain things. I give myself permission to think about them because they are “important”. Unless my thoughts are about saving sentient beings, studying the Fa or sending forth righteous thoughts, they are not significant. A part of me wants to mill around in humanness. These are not my true thoughts and the process of memorizing Zhuan Falun allows me to correct this human thinking more readily.

Once while reading I burst into tears. I was so moved by a greater understanding of returning to ones original true self, the tears just began to flow out of me. The intangible grasp of concepts in cultivation to something tangible is a reflection of Master’s great mercy to save us. This is what I experience as miraculous. Another sentence, “Cultivation depends on one’s own efforts, the transformation of gong is done by one’s Master” took on an entirely new understanding by memorizing the Fa. If I was not memorizing the Fa I would have never realized the miracle of Master’s role in the transformation of de into gong which allows us to move up in cultivation. I experienced compassion in a much broader sense. Memorizing the Fa is different from reading the Fa.

Memorizing the Fa has also aided me with clarifying the truth. I find that I have greater comprehension of the Fa. The strength of my resolve becomes apparent when talking with others. When I experience inhibition to clarify the truth, I am able to quickly eliminate such old forces with righteous thoughts, and do what I came here to do.

Assimilating to the Fa through memorizing has given cultivation practice an excitement to each and every study time. I am finding Zhuan Falun throughout Masters Articles and it is like greeting something familiar. Oh there you are again or I recognize you! And I am always in utter amazement at the grand scale in which this adventure has been so precisely laid out for us.

For so long I did not consider memorizing the Fa, and now it is the highlight of my day. This is where my words fail me, for my heart knows how truly precious this is.

Please point out where I am lacking.