Lind, Washington Parade 2006

On June 10, 2006, practitioners from eastern Washington state, and northern Idaho participated in the Lind, Washington parade. Lind is a small community in eastern Washington surrounded by rolling hills mostly covered in a patchwork of wheat fields.

These Falun Dafa practitioners carried three large banners, one demonstrated the fifth exercise while sitting in the lotus cart and our two very young practitioners had flags to wave. We were fit in amongst the usual floats and bands, horses and cars, and demolition derby combines. There was a group of small motorcycles in front of us demonstrating their skills which took up a lot of space and gave the crowd plenty of time to see our colorful banners coming. It seemed that most of the crowd was intently reading the banners as we passed by since it was their first exposure to Dafa.

We were the 16th entry so we finished and arrived in the park where the barbecue was held before most of the crowd. The food line developed right beside our table, so every single person walked by, saw our Falun Gong t-shirts, and many received lotuses.