Clarifying the Truth at the Festival of Peace in Arlee, Montana

On July 22, 2006, Montana practitioners made a trip to Arlee Montana to the Second Annual Festival of Peace gathering, where a garden of one thousand Buddha’s is being constructed at their Center of Peace retreat. It is a beautiful area with it being surrounded by mountains.

It was a very hot day and other than the guest performers and audience being under a canopy, everything else was in an open field directly in the sun. Temperatures reached over 100 degrees. At our table we held an umbrella over us to keep out the intense sun. Our table was very busy and everyone was curious and came over to ask questions, even though they had to stand in the sun to talk to us. It was a wonderful opportunity to clarify the truth. We gave out many flowers, bookmarks and flyers. It was astonishing to us that over half of the people were already aware of the organ harvesting going on in China, and they wanted to know more details. One professor at a University in Montana asked if we would be willing to come and give an exercise demonstration at a local college in the area. Many asked where the closest exercise site was.

People were ready to learn about the Fa, and we are so glad we made the effort to travel to Arlee and withstand the high temperatures, as it was a great opportunity to clarify the truth and save more people.