Montana 2007 Economic Development Summit

Montana: Clarifying the Truth at the 2007 Economic Development Summit

On April 30 and May 1, 2007, practitioners from Montana, Idaho and Washington attended the Montana Economic Development Summit in Butte. The large array of presenters was surprisingly high-caliber for Montana. Top business leaders, world-class experts, top government officials, and foreign dignitaries, including the Chinese Ambassador to the United States spoke at the free conference.

Four Inland Northwest practitioners clarified the truth for the two-day event. By arriving early to send forth righteous thoughts, practitioners were able to attain seats in the second row, almost directly in front of the stage. A panel consisting of six ambassadors was the first presentation. Each time the Chinese ambassador spoke, practitioners erected their hands to send forth righteous thoughts with intensity. Practitioners felt that the Chinese Ambassador noticed them, as they were very visible. One practitioner, while sending forth righteous thoughts, asked Master to intensify the righteous thoughts and her whole body shook. A lot of the evil was eliminated during this time.

Through a series of negotiations with Senator Baucus’s office, a Free Speech Zone was created for practitioners to hand out flyers and post banners. Banners displaying the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance, and to help end the persecution, were hung visible to conference participants as they drove and walked by. Information about Falun Dafa, the harvesting of body organs from practitioners, and the 20 million Chinese who have quit the Chinese Communist Party were given out. Many lotus flowers and bookmarks were also given to the public. People were very kind and most eager to receive the information.

Topics of discussion at the Summit included globalization and how to get into world markets. To an audience of about 2000 people, a practitioner asked The Honorable Robert Rubin, former Secretary of the Treasury and current CEO of a large corporation, about how to keep the ethics she grew up with while doing business in world markets where countries like China persecute practitioners of Falun Gong, and how to make those countries accountable to their human rights violations. Mr. Rubin answered this question very seriously and with much concern towards the subject. When the session was over many people complimented and thanked the practitioner for such a pertinent and insightful question.

This very positive experience was a tremendous opportunity to clarify the truth. Practitioners were able to send righteous thoughts in close proximity to the Chinese Ambassador clearing away evil elements.

Many sentient beings were introduced to the Fa on two very beautiful and sunny spring days in Montana.