Spokane: Practitoners Participate in 2007 Mind Body Expo

June 2-3, 2007 marked the 7th year that local practitioners have participated in the annual Conscious Living Mind-Body Expo at the Spokane Convention Center. This event attracts many people seeking self-improvement techniques, and many pre-destined people were among the visitors.

Crowds were somewhat thinner than in previous years, due to unseasonable sunny hot weather. Nonetheless, this year, practitioners distributed nearly as many flyers and truth clarification materials as previous years, and more visitors asked to learn the exercises on the spot than ever before. As always, folded paper lotus flowers were a huge draw. Many people came to our booth, expressing a desire to receive a flower.


Practitioners gave a one-hour free presentation on Saturday, which attracted an audience of approximately 15 people. The presentation began with a slide-show history of Falun Gong and the persecution, and ended with exercise instruction for all five Falun Gong exercises.