Lind, Washington Parade 2007

Practitioners from Spokane and Pullman Washington, and Lewiston Idaho participated in the annual Lind Grand Parade for the second consecutive year. Visitors graciously accepted folder paper lotus flowers and Falun Gong truth-clarifying materials.

Lind has a population of only 400, but is widely known for its combine derby.

Kathryn writes: On June 9, 2007, practitioners from Spokane, Moscow and Lewiston participated for the second year in the Lind parade. When picking up our parade number, the organizer was so pleased to see us. She said there were many favorable comments about our group last year and she was especially pleased to see our entry form again this year.

 Some practitioners brought many beautiful lotus flowers that were passed out along the parade route.

The crowd was pleased to see us and people were more interested in accepting fliers this year. This year, a Korean student joined us. She had found Dafa on the Internet while still in Korea and was very happy to find Dafa again in Lewiston. She joined me in clarifying the truth after the parade and BBQ. It was a great day in Lind.