2007 Pend Oreille Lavender Festival

Spokane Falun Gong practitioners were invited to participate in the 2007 Pend Oreille Lavender Festival near the small town of Cusick, Washington on July 7-8, 2007. This was the second time Falun Gong practitioners have participated in the event. Even though the location was very remote, when practitioners arrived they were surprised to see hundreds of cars and thousands of people attending the event.

Two practitioners attended the booth on Saturday, and another on Sunday. The festival was very busy and many visitors stopped by the Falun Gong booth to receive a folder paper lotus flower, learn how to fold lotus flowers, or to ask questions and receive information regarding the practice of Falun gong. Twice each day practitioners demonstrated and taught the Falun Gong exercise movements.

The temperature was high, but on Sunday, there was a cool breeze. People came by the booth to get lotus flowers themselves and their family members. Our table was in a nice shady spot, so some people sat by our table for a while to talk. We were very busy unfolding the flowers, and people were very interested in reading our poster boards, and they asked many questions. The visitors took flyers by themselves, and a pile several inches thick was taken by passersby each day. Many people were moved upon hearing that our practice did not charge a penny or take donations, and it brought tears to the eyes of some visitors! They agree that making money from our creator’s characteristics would be sinful. Many people still remembered us from the festival two years prior. People seemed very positive about Dafa, and we had many very serious but friendly talks with people from many places, some far-away.

One practitioner had a very in-depth talk with an educated lady. Many onlookers also heard the conversation. Before leaving, the lady stated that she was very determined to read our website and learn more about the practice and to try-out Falun Gong.