Missoula Parade 2007

Montana: Practitioners Participate in University of Montana Homecoming Parade in Missoula

– Practitioners from Montana, Idaho, and Washington participated in the annual University of Montana Homecoming Parade on September 29, 2007 in Missoula Montana.
This is the first year that practitioners have taken part in this parade. The weather was cloudy and cool, but this didn’t seem to hamper the spirited audience. The Falun Gong entry was awarded third place in the non-profit category by parade judges.
The Falun Gong float consisted of two large lotus flowers, and many paper lotus flowers. Practitioners riding on the float demonstrated the Falun Gong exercises, and others distributed paper lotus flowers and flyers.

The audience was large and supportive, offering warm applause to the Falun Gong procession. Practitioners talked with other parade participants prior to the parade, including a radio station. They expressed interest in the upcoming Human Rights Torch Relay event planned for Missoula.

Missoula is home of the University of Montana, and many students, alumni and children were in the audience, dressed in school-color burgundy jackets and sweatshirts. Many gestured with “heshi” to practitioners on the float. Many children and adults seemed surprised and pleased by such a peaceful and majestic parade entry.

Practitioners hope to participate in this Missoula parade in the future.