Security Reminders


All practitioners should read they security announcements on the Minghui website, and take action to ensure they are using non-admin accounts on their computers. This is extremely important. This affects Windows XP users most commonly. Some Dafa project meetings may begin denying access to voice conferences by anyone using an admin account. (Sonant has the ability to detect this.)

Please Read and Follow These Articles:

Computer Security Case Study and Recommendations (Part 1)

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Helpful Tips for Windows XP Users: How to Easily Accomplish Tasks Requiring Administrator Privileges while Logged into a Limited Account

To ensure you are using a non-admin account:

– Use Windows 7 (still requires anti-malware program, and firewall enabled)

– Use Windows Vista (still requires anti-malware program and firewall enabled)

– Use a Mac (OS X)

Windows XP users – follow these steps:

– Windows XP users must switch to a non-administrator account. Please do the following:

– Go to Control panel, users & groups

– Create a new user account, with “administrator” capabilities.

– Now, log off, and log in using the NEW admin account.

– Go to Control panel, users & groups

– Modify your original account, by changing it to a “LIMITED” account. Remember, you are doing this while logged in with your new, administrator account!

– Log off, then log in using your original, (now limited) account. This is the account you will use on a daily basis.

– If you encounter an action which requires administrative capabilities, log off, then log into your new administrator account to complete the action, but do not use the administrator account except when absolutely necessary.

– This is not a perfect solution. If you encounter problems you don’t wish to deal with, please consider the alternative operating systems from the list above (Windows 7 or Mac).