Paper Lotus Flowers

The paper lotus flower is a moral discipline reminder, because lotus flowers grow in the mud, but keep themselves very clean and elegant.

In Chinese culture, lotus flowers are symbols of highly virtuous individuals who maintain a high moral standard in a corrupt society.

Regular Lotus Flowers

The following link contains folding instructions with pictures, for making regular paper lotus flowers:

* Lotus Flower Instructions *

The following additional links are also available. These are also paper lotus flower folding instructions, and include paper cutting info:

* Lotus Flower Paper Folding Instructions (on

* How to Make Origami Lotus Flowers (on

Lotus Flower Tags

Print the following two Acrobat files to the front and back of card stock paper, then cut out the tags, and punch with a small-hole. Tie a tag to each flower:

* Lotus Tags – front side (Adobe Acrobat file – 428 kb)

* Lotus Tags – back_side (Adobe Acrobat file – 1.5 mb)

Mini Lotus Flowers

* Mini-Lotus Folding Instructions *

The above links shows how to make “mini” lotus flowers, with hanging strings, beads, and bookmark. Please note that mini lotus flowers are more difficult and time-consuming to make, and in addition the materials can be difficult to find. If you are new at lotus flower folding you should start with the “regular” lotus flowers.

Decorative Knots for Bookmarks

The following link contains instructions for tying various decorative knots for bookmarks:

* How to tie decorative knots (for bookmarks)

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