Mini-Lotus Instructions


Begin flower petal folding:

  • Paper size: 6.9 cm x 4.0 cm (2 11/16″ x 1 9/16″)
  • Fold paper in half
  • Fold in corners
  • Fold edge in toward the middle
  • Repeat on other side
  • Fold petal on original center crease

Fold leaves:

  • Same as above except paper is inside-out


Form Lotus flower:

  • Place leaf part inside petal part
  • Repeat for total of three sets
  • See steps below for banding together the packs
  • After rubber-banding, spread out petal/leaf packs evenly


Banding flower packs:

  • Grasp three petal/leaf packs tightly
  • Wrap with a very small rubber band


Finish banding flower packs

  • Wrap rubber band three times around pack
  • Spread out petals so they are evenly spaced (see second picture above)


Rubber bands:

  • Very small size
  • Goody brand works well (available at Wal-Mart)


Attach bookmarks and string:

  • Attach string to bookmark
  • Tie a knot 1″ above bookmark
  • If using a bead (bead shown in last photo below)
    • Ream bead hole with pointed end of scissors to enlarge slightly
    • Insert both strings through bead
    • Tie additional knot on top of bead
  • Put flower pack in place. Tie a half square-knot on top of the pack (see third example at right).
  • Now tie a knot like the one shown in the second example at right. So you have one knot on top of another. Holds well.


Attaching flower pack to string:

  • Top knot is half square not with simple knot on top of it (see previous instruction).


Forming flowers:

  • Separate the flower packs evenly (see second photo above)
  • Crease for even spacing
  • Fold up every-other petal first (see first example)
    • Put your two index fingers under the first petal
    • Gently pull toward center of flower while pushing down with your thumb
  • Now fold up remaining petals (second example)
  • Finally fold up leaves (third example)


Finish forming flower:

  • Crimp tops of petals
  • Spread leaves by pushing down with your thumbs

Tie knot at top of string if desired.

Example of flower with bead

  • Note that there is a knot above and below the bead
  • Note: Fancy knots look nice but add significantly to assembly time

Fancy knot:

  • This knot looks good above/below the bead
  • Also good for strings attached to bookmarks

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