Lotus Flower Instructions

The paper lotus flower is a moral discipline reminder, because lotus flowers grow in the mud, but keep themselves very clean and elegant.

In Chinese culture, lotus flowers are symbols of highly virtuous individuals who maintain a high moral standard in a corrupt society.

Start with 12 cut papers (approximately 2-1/2 inches by 5 inches), 4 each of 2 colors-inside petals and outside petals, and 4 green. Fold each in half lengthwise, and fold each corner down to the center. Fold the top down to the center. The leaves are then folded in half again. Note: when using recycled paper, the printing must be on the inside.

Lotus Flower Folding

Make a “sandwich” of the petals: while holding the inside petal, put the entire outside petal into the center of the inside petal, then place the entire leaf into the center of the outside petal. Repeat for all 4 petal sets: bind all together with a rubber band.

Lotus Flower Folding

Starting with the 2 outside petal clusters, fold in half making sure the ends match, and form a star. Tie on yarn “heart” directly in the center, with the ends of the strings hanging out of the bottom.

Lotus Flower Folding

Begin opening the inside petals by inserting 2 index fingers under the first layer of paper and gently pull up while pushing down with the thumbs. Open every other petal until the inside layer is complete. Do the same with the outside petals. For the leaves, open with thumbs, but do not pull toward center.

Lotus Flower Folding

Lotus Flower Folding

Tie a scrunchie and tag to the string on the bottom, trim off the ends of the string and give away!

Lotus Flower Folding

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